Thursday, March 11, 2010

If you've Wondered HOW to paint bare Winter trees...

I am in the writing of my second book, this one
tentatively titled-  "Painterly Realism- Less IS More!"
and what I will include and have been working on
often comes out in what kind of questions artists
online have asked me over the years.

Today was just one of those days, an artist looking
for insights on how to go about painting winter
trees...and in my assisting this artist, I get quite a 
bit into specific strategies,one I compare to a 
magician's slight of hand technique...where you
employ compositional design to draw the eye one
specific area thus allowing you to "get away with"
(like the magician) the trick...the suggestion of a

Used a number of my paintings to talk about such
things, devices and tricks...this one of them, a study
of a lone tree here in northern Wisconsin

I'll give you a link here if you are interested...and you 
canopt to read the whole thread if you would care to...
postedon the virtual artist's community, where I have long been the moderator 
of a good number of its forums-

I think it will be food for thought, and perhaps even 
an idea what you can expect from my newer book when 


René PleinAir. said...

Aaah there it that best tree evah again!!
Thanks for posting it again Larry it's such a awesome tree treat.

Larry said...

thanks Rene...I like this one too! ;^)