Monday, March 08, 2010

Deer Tracks...Peshtigo River Ice- Gouache 6"x 9"

The sun was so compelling a few nights ago, 
and stood on this bridge to overlook the river
below.  Tracks dotted the ice of deer crossing 
various points...

The day was too late to set up and capture
much plein air, so resorted to taking a photo
and challenging myself here to intuit as much
impression as I remember as well...

Not quite finished, so will post end results.. 


Gary Keimig said...

Very interesting blog, Larry. Doing maybe 40% of my paintings in gouache [actually I use transparent watercolors but in a gouache style mixing with White gouache]I can really relate to what you are doing.

Julie Broom said...

Hi Larry, I'm a Scottish based artist and have just recently come across your blog. I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts. I particularly like the contast in this piece between the hazy light and the sharp foliage in the foreground. Looking great.

Larry said...

thanks Julie...Gary..

appreciate your pipin in here and commenting. The contrasts this time of year are inspiring to say the least!

SEILER said...

This one is amazing, especially if you squint and look at it . . . looks like a picture.