Friday, March 12, 2010

"Busted!!!" (Whitetail) 3-1/2" x 10-1/2" gouache on presentation board

Starting a new one...small, long panoramic...view
of Croal Creek in a southern area of WI...a frosty fall
morning frost on grasses, small tag alders, tree
branches...and walking is crunch, crunch, crunch... look up...thinking you've been sneaky
and clever, and there stands a buck of a life time,
a huge drop tined massie racked whitetail 5-6
years old.  He's been watching that 
you've seen him, YOU ARE BUSTED!!!  

Busted seconds he's gone.  You'll
never see him again.  He is the wiser for the got your number!

The piece is small...the deer's body will be
hidden for the most part...the head as though
blending into branches.  The astute will see
him...the inexperienced would never know
they had been watched.

Click on image to see larger view... and, I'll
post on this one again when finished...


billspaintingmn said...

Thanks Larry! I felt an experience!
Crunch crunch crunch, love that!
The painting is fun! I can 'walk' around looking for that buck, it's long gone but wow! Thanks!

Larry said...

Ours was private managed property, Bill...and I can tell you my son and I had quite the fun this year, saw some literal monsters! One of those things where friends back home would drop their jaw to know you passed up a beautiful eleven pointer because you were looking for something bigger. Just like you see in episodes of the Outdoor Channel...a lot of fun!