Friday, October 09, 2009

Ducks Unlimited...Banquet Night!

Got home late last night from Green Bay where
the Pete's Lake Chapter held their Ducks Unlimited
banquet, and I held the enviable position of this
year's featured artist. A very classy affair,
and my oil painting of redheads and Longtail
Island finished out the evening as the grand

I have over the course of many many years dontated
paintings to help raise monies for habitat, wildlife
management, conservation...and it is a high
privilege that one's talents can effect such good,

The picture above shows me with Pete's Lake Chapter
president, Tom Last...

Here I am with the event's winner, Mike Hebel of
Green Bay, owner of M&K Supply...

...and...if the night wasn't charged enough with
excitement...I came home winner of this absolutely
amazing bronze sculpture of three Green Wing Teal
by artist John Richard-