Saturday, October 10, 2009

NE Wisconsin Fall...Farm, 4"x 8" gouache study

Spent the afternoon in the woods chasing whitetail,
but on the way stopped at a familiar farm scene to
check on the fall color. No time to paint a plein
air, but took a photo...and opted to paint a small
gouache study tonight... 4"x 8"

This gouache was painted on a colored acid free
mat board, as shown here-

Clicking on images brings up larger view...

Original is available to purchase...(Contact me...)


Mick Carney said...

It makes a great study for me as well. Lots to digest, and should make the effort to do more of these myself. As always lovely image.

Jason Seiler said...

These little gouache studies are great, and they look like oil! Awesome!

Larry said...

check out Nathan Fowkes work, the link on my blog artists listed to the right. His use of gouache, color and more importantly his ability for brevity is wonderful. If just a bit of that pixy dust were to fall on me!!! * can hope!