Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My Second Gouache...4"x 8" Strong Falls...Peshtigo River

This is my second attempt at gouache now...feel
I'm getting a handle on it...but definitely need
to do more...

4"x 8" Strong Falls, Goodman Park/Peshtigo River
NE Wisconsin-

This gouache was painted on an acid free mat board
seen here-

Click on image to see larger

Original is available to purchase...(Contact me...)


JMahorney said...

I love this compositional design. Flows just right (no pun). You're awesome man! :)

Larry said... to hear, glad it resonates with ya, Jeff!!! Thanks

René PleinAir. said...

Go on, go on, go on!!

What an ease this will bring to you. Just a little sketchbook and some gouache, ... you lucky #^$%$ hehehe

Like a glove!

Jason Seiler said...

Whoa, this looks cool, did you show Fred?

Larry Seiler said...

that is true, Rene...sure doesn't take much to carry a small kit with, some good paper. 8^)

Larry Seiler said...

I sent him an email with it attached, haven't heard yet...but heard back from Fred on the first one I did.

thanks for dropping by and a note, Jason!

Antti Rautiola said...

Looks great!
You are doing well with the gouache also.

Larry said...

thanks Antti