Friday, July 10, 2009

Oneida Cty Courthouse...9"x 12" Plein Air

Well...strange deal today...I had an appointment with my eye doctor, the expressed purpose to check my eyes right after I fatigued them painting a couple plein airs. One of those dang things gettin' older, the iris muscles tire eventually of changing the size of the pupil which regulates the amount of light taken in and ability for the eye to focus. What I wanted was a pair of "eyes screwed up" glasses...which he thought funny. So, when my eyes reach that point, THEN I reach for secret weapon, operation "keep on painting" glasses.

As the appointment went following two plein airs, my eyes were indeed sufficiently messed up for him to test and determine what I would need. About five to seven business days now to get 'em.

I went downtown Rhinelander, Wisconsin to the Oneida County Courthouse...built in 1921, had this wonderful copper dome, which turns green...and green stained glass. Was quite nice...and, I had a couple suits stop by to take a look...

9"x 12" oil...

Prints are available...just follow my ImageKind link!

Original is available to purchase...(Contact me...)

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