Thursday, July 09, 2009

Armstrong Creek 11"x 14" oil on canvas...

One of those nights again, where you drive and
commit to painting and find out you left half your
stuff back home!

Tonight...I got to my destination only to discover
I had no medium, no medium/turps cup, and my good
brushes were taken out to use in my half-box last
time painted and not returned. Eeegads!

Still...wasn't going to go home with my tail tucked
between my legs and without trying..

11"x 14" oil on canvas...

Not using medium means you use a heck of a lot
more paint, and with a painterly painting approach
the brushwork and color can be intruging as it builds
on the is a closeup-


Helen Read said...

I'd call it a great success! I really like the build up of paint - very textured!

Larry said...

Thanks Helen...
I'm going to aim to use a small amount of medium for awhile and try to develop more textural statements. Part of what this experience taught me.

A bit more paint...but forces one to aim at brevity more...which adds up to painting the light.