Monday, June 29, 2009

Cedarburg Plein Air Event 2009 oil paintings

Here are the five pieces I painted this week, two chosen to
submit for the competition/exhibition end of this, and one
the quick paint entree. It was a brutally hot week to paint,
a couple 100 degree days...

9"x 12" Cedar Creek...on pumice panel, stood literally in
the water to paint this one...

available to purchase...(Contact me...)

11"x 14" oil on canvas... Pleasant Valley Rural Scene..

100 degrees and humid...but, what a lovely view the heat

causes with haze out on agricultural fields..

available to purchase...(Contact me...)
- - - - - -

Cedar Creek Park provided a very lovely creek for residents
and visitors, a dam on the far end, series of falls, and the
comedic play of mallards swimming about, standing on

various rocks...and so, this next one...9"x 12" oil...

To my shagrin, very obvious to anyone awake, with a
in my place set up painting these ducks, someone
came over
with a loaf of bread and began throwing chunks
of bread
out to the ducks. they aren't going to
move then?
HELLO!!!! Thanks a lot buddy! And as it turns
out, a sign
about 20 yards from me warns visitors NOT to
feed the
ducks or animals, wanting to keep a natural
separation and
healthy environment for the wildlife.

So...I had to finish this pair of mallards from the
left on my mind.
available to purchase...(Contact me...)
- - - -

Next...I painted this scene of an old church looking across
the river in the park, between trees...starting one night,
finishing the next morning...12"x 16" oil on pumice

available to purchase...(Contact me...)
- - - -

Last day, was a quick paint...2-1/2 hours, during
annual Strawberry Festival. The town has a
population of
about 10,000 imagine about
100,000 people
suddenly invading the town! So...about 1/2
hour is just
framing the work up and then trying to navigate
thru the
crowd with the wet oil to get to the location to turn
the work
in. That was crazy in itself, and got there with three
to spare. My largest effort... 14"x 18" oil on pumice
panel...saving my
largest painting for the week for this quick
paint event..

Unfortunately my efforts did not catch the eye of jurors
this year, missing out on honorable mentions and various
awards...but, there is next year, and I took plenty of
pictures of the area to give some thought to where I may
well paint.

Well, as you can see...I've made a few of these available for
purchase, but also gave opportunity for a decent percent
off well, in a unique way. As an artist that writes about art,
that teaches art, workshops...I am of course very hopeful
that people will learn to really look at paintings. So much
so, that from time to time I will offer a discount to encourage
such. After so many years of painting, sale are nice...but
more importantly an artist imagines folks looking hard at
what appeals to the eye to see where an artist matures, is
different...etc., Call it, Art Appreciation 101...


Krista Hasson said...

These are absolutely stunning, I am a big fan. I read alot of the critiques yu give on wetcanvas. So glad i found your blog.

Jason Seiler said...

These are all very nice Dad!!!!!