Friday, December 05, 2008

Tims Monster Whitetail... 18"x 24" oil painting session1

Started a new one tonight following my teaching day,
this one for a relation, and from the moment I saw the
photo it had "paint me!" all over it. I knew it would
be fun.

Here is the first session then...blocking in with my
typical limited palette...

A closeup of the buck's head...for brushwork in my
block-in process...all very quick...

As a side note to my day teaching, I have a beginner's
high school painting class this quarter and every so
often I get a student that regardless of demos on my
own work are paralyzed with fear of starting.

As a rule, I prefer not to paint on student's work, but
by their own admission sometimes they learn more if they
can watch. When I do...they fear what is often the case
in that I'll wipe off everything I did!!!

Today...I had just one of those students. A plate full
of paint heading toward the sink by period's end if not
to be found on his board. I finally had one of those
moments and asked if he should like help? After telling
me of his fear to start...I ignored his brushes, used my
fingers and hand and began to smear the block in of this
old abandoned vehicle sitting in a grassy field...

Here's that painting...and what you see has no more than
about three minutes time...leaving his mouth and jaw
dropped, others stopped to come and watch...most in
disbelief and yet I could tell with some awe. My comment
over and over was..."NO FEAR!!! Its just, NO

Here was the young man's reference photo...

 he has a start to work on!!!


Jason Seiler said...

That's pretty cool Dad, this painting is looking good . . . like the finger painting too.

Larry said...

thanks my number one!!! I'm having fun if nothing else, but then again...I guess thats a big thing at this stage of my life!!!
appreciate you poppin' by...

love ya


Jo Castillo said...

Nice start on this.

What a great way to get students to break the ice! You must be a great teacher.