Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bit more work...Tim's face & buck's head...

Cold and snowy outside, perfect day for slackin' off
and painting in-studio.

Brought the face a bit further now, and it is a
challenge since the reference image I'm using is a
meger 72dpi online image...but, its fun to call up
the years of experience, cut yourself little slack and
say "how 'bout it, huh?"

Bottom line...I'm having fun!

Here a closeup...

Click on the image, especially the closeup..and see how
I treat the face like I paint a landscape. I purpose to
forget the idea that this is an eye, this a nose, this a
mouth. I believe the artist is free from such by the
ability to recognize shapes, color, texture, line and so
forth. manner similar to painting outdoors, is to squint
my eyes and observe the shape of a color note, its value
and then to mix it...put it down and leave it. The viewer
then has the burden to stand in an ideal distance, or at
least some distance away from the work where it all comes
together and mixes in the eye. To me, to pull that off is
most fun...

Here...let's pretend for a moment now that we have backed
up, and see this one from a bit farther back...

After the second session, I am not yet where I want to
be on this one to have captured the likeness, but I am
confident of being much closer and as the paint tacks
up should nail it I think next time I work on the
portrait. Now...back to the deer!

Here's work on the buck's head today...

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