Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take 'Em Boys! Finished...16"x 24" oil Bluebill waterfowling

Well...I believe after tonight's session I have completed
this one. I'll let it sit a few days or a week and see
how it rubs on me.

Funny after so many years of painting now, instead of a
feeling of relief a work gets finished, my feeling is like
"Aaahh...dang. Now what?" and I start getting the itch
right away to put another idea together for another work
to paint.

(Click on image to see much larger view)


Jason Seiler said...

Sweeeeeet painting Dad . . . it's funny you can't see Mike's face but just by the eye alone you can tell it's him!

R. Mayschak Jr. said...


This is a great painting and a pleasure to watch evolve. There is so much visual interest and the composition really moves the eye around, yet it doesn’t seem crowded ... so well executed.

One thing I keep thinking about is that you may want to watch were you point that painting. The hunter taking aim with the rifle is a powerful image that’s going to really draw attention to anything to the left. Could you imagine this image hanging to the right of a doorway or entrance to a room? Or to the right of the family portrait? Or with the gun pointed towards the China cabinet? Even a gallery showing your work would have to think twice about where to put this one.


Larry said...

Thanks Jason...
It was a fun one...and I seemed to get Mike's personality from the get go which made the whole work pretty effortless from then on..

Thanks Rob...
Many paintings call the viewer beyond the frame to consider what lays outside of it. That some might be burdened to have to think about the image and an appropriate place to hang I think is good. No passive relationship there.

In fact ANY direction that shotgun points would have the same reaction. Imagine it pointing outward toward the viewer... hee hee

I'm not sure sportsmen related home lifestyles would have as much concern as the fact it takes them to a place they like to spend their time...

thanks much...appreciate the comments

marcobucci said...

nice work! I enjoy those 'linear' brush strokes (for lack of better word) on his jacket, echoed in the grass. Nice pose, too.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Marco