Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mike and Tonio... waterfowling oil painting 14"x 18"

A bit more work to finish, but very close...from a photo
I took hunting with friends on the bay of Green Bay a couple
weekends ago. Mike here, with his chessy female, Tonio...
and what a pretty dog she is. A great companion we enjoyed
for the weekend.

My method was to first paint an underpainting in warms, which
I have allowed to show thru in various places of the near
finished work. This causes a nice harmony that pulls all the
color and busyness together to feel as a cohesive whole, and
assures that everything is not shouting.

The fun was applying the alla prima process I use painting
outdoors, that is...a "brushstroke laid is a brushstroke
stayed"...and painting this from a reference, using my time and
experience outdoors painting to addlib the painting to feel
as I believe it would outdoors. Not like a copied photograph.

I'll share a couple closeups so you can see the laid brushwork
and color notes which paints the face for example, as if it
were a landscape itself with its unique and interesting planes.

After the paint dries...I intend to do a few adjustments
on Mike's face, around the eyes and mouth. Ironically,
master artist John Singer Sargent used to refer to portraits
as paintings where something is wrong with the mouth! haaa

Note...clicking on images brings up much larger view for
closer inspection...