Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Going Theme..."Take 'Em Boys!" oil painting bluebills

Waiting for my other paintings to dry for further
work on them, meanwhile started this one tonight of
a long time friend of mine, near 45 years now. This
that moment, up since 3am...wading or boating out on
the big bay of Green Bay, frigid waters. Setting up
decoys at 5am...bobbing in the water forming ice
beards. Frozen...eyes always attentive, and suddenly
they come in nearly 55-60mph...whipping, diving...and
the beauty is such you immediately forget the chill.

Its that moment when one of you says, "Okay...take 'em

This is just the initial stages, blocking in tonight..

16"x 24" ...oil on pumice/gesso prime hardboard.

closeup of my friend, Mike's head...eyes steady and
at the ready...

a closeup of the initial work on the bluebills...


Dean H. said...

Great start, Larry! Will be back to check the progress. I like how you indicated the reeds amongst many other things.


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Dean... 8^)

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Larry, I have not been by in a while, so I am catching up on your posts. I love seeing the progress shots.

You really captured his eye in this one!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Frank! 8^)