Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Fowl...Mallard Drake in Oil 10"x 20"

Started another painting of a mallard, this a
product of about 45 minutes to an hour, basically
blocked in...and I am feeling as a good start.

Here is a closeup, and clicking image brings up a
nice larger view to see brushwork and color...


James said...

This begs the question, "How long do you keep these guys hanging around?"

I like the splashes of color here.

Larry said...

This is where painting from life the past 14 years, outdoors on location...really begins to pay off, James. Painting from still lifes, and so forth.

I use a limited palette which has become very efficient.

I painted what you see here in under an hour.

Still plenty of time to pluck feathers, clean the duck and take care of the meat.

Things like wings, head and bill, and so forth can be kept to help tighten up and finish the painting in the next finishing stage.

If I get the values, the light down from the get go quickly, its all a finishing from there and I don't really need the duck anymore.

I'm really having fun, James...because my history is 17 years putting 200 to 300 hours into a single painting prior to my taking my paint outdoors. All indoor studio work, jot and tittle detail, counting feathers and feather groups and so forth.

Now...I'm just responding to light and color, correct values and learning to suggest much.

thanks James!!!

James said...

Oh, I thought it was from last week's hunt. :)

Larry said...

with any luck, I might be able to do something with a pair of ruffed grouse. Jumped two out bowhunting last night, and another tonight.

Need to take the dogs out...and leave the bow home

take care

Teresa said...

I love the way you captured the beautiful luminescent colors Larry. Your brushwork is awesome!

I went duck hunting with my husband once...I reacted by bursting into tears after he got his first drake...poor man, he felt terrible for me so we spent the rest of the day taking photos. Now I tease him by asking "Would you like me to go with you?" when he duck hunts...we agree I am better off staying home :)

Beautiful work Larry :)


Larry said...

Thanks Teresa...

I ask folks sometimes when they wonder about shooting or harvesting waterfowl if they eat chicken, and most do frequently.

Think of it as a chicken with DIGNITY! The duck gets to fly across country, living free and it requires chance and sport to harvest it. What life does a chicken have by comparison.

So if folks have no problem eating chicken, they should feel pretty good wildfowl had more opportunity to spread their wings.

I find waterfowl a gazillion times more wondrous, their species, flight patterns, the elements they take on that are otherwise treacherous to man. Just beautiful.

appreciate the comments, and your note on the brushwork which is always of great interest to me.