Friday, October 03, 2008

McClure Basin Plein Air 7"x 12" oil... SOLD

Sold this plein air (painted on location) this week,
and is happy to find a new home.

This painting was also an experiment wearing new
prescription glasses with a high UV coating protection,
as my habit often painting is to find my interest in
subjects that again and again tend to be backlit.

My paintings tend also to be frequently about water, so
I am courting not only the light, but its source, the
sun. In this one...was the play of light dancing off
the water. The haze of passing penetrating light and
its affect off masses and color. A fun one...and good
deal of drama.

As a reminder...take a moment, and visit
site- Will Paint For Gas! to see what pieces I'm
setting aside as a special sales item. While it is
intended to draw something of humor, (the title..."Will
Paint for Gas!") Driving often as I do to get to ideal
locations to paint does have its price, but of course
as artists we all have expenses, exhibitions...framing,
marketing...the whole business side.

I have certainly enjoyed the chance to make new friends,
the satisfaction of knowing there are new collectors of
my work. To that growing collectorship, I say thank you...
as you have become part of what allows me and other
artists keep on keepin' on!!!


Jo Castillo said...

No wonder this sold. It is just exquisite. Love the light and colors.

Larry said...

thanks've always been most encouraging!!

Steve said...

Just Ordered the Frame...Hope its in Time for B-Day. Great Painting Larry.

Larry said...

Hey Steve...good to hear from ya, glad you're happy with the piece. I sure enjoyed paint'n it...

what a beautiful day it was!