Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pro Harp & Blues Harp....Sold..

Was pleased to see what I think is a little gem,
sell today. For those not wholly familiar with
me...I've been playing guitar and blowin' blues
harmonica actually longer than I've been painting,
which is 30 plus years.

I've played in bands over the years, the most
raukous back in the big hair 80's...a band called,
"Pursuit" a frontman. More recently, or a few
years ago now...I blew harp on occasion for a
fantastic bottleneck fingerstyle blues guitar player
Dale Anderson in the Green Bay area.

I've been greatly influenced the past few years by
Canadian modern acoustic guitarist Antoine Dufour,
Andy McKee, Andrew White...and with my wife's
insistence and wishes have orchestrated and produced
a couple CD's of my own of an acoustic instrumental
direction. Desert Muses, and Wilderness Wanderings.

Still...I always come back to the blues as my
centering..and love playing the harp.

My more recent acquisition was a Regal RC-58TT steel
body resophnic guitar. A tri-spun cone full of
sound and response. Just ordered a ceramic slide,
and have been working open tunings in G and D...

much too much fun..

But...I am glad to hear this painting will find its
home with another harp player!!! Kindred spirits..

This painting is painted over a textured primed board
panel...but is also a metaphor in so doing, for the
harp textures and flavors the sound of blues!

These are actually two of my harmonicas that I set
out on a table and painted as a study. After all...
the blues is best enjoyed live!!!


DMannion said...

Hi Larry,
Love your paintings. Discovered your used paint tube video, the one where you count brush strokes. Was soothing to watch yesterday as the market was crashing. Watched it over and over and even sent it to my mom. She thinks it's great, too. This little harmonica painting is charming.
I'll think of you when I'm painting.

Larry said...

thanks DMannion...

and I myself...was working on tax stuff!! So...not a lot of comfort to be found there at this time...hahaa..

appreciate the comment, and nice to know folks are checkin' in, finding something agreeable to them...and nothing better than to be found soothing.

take care...