Friday, October 03, 2008

Another Zorn Palette waterfalls... 10"x 20" oil

In the mood to play with values, subtleties, and an
oft played with falls I love to visit and paint at
in upper the Yellow Dog River, Bull

Hard to photograph at this stage, the darks...the
paint wet and wanting to glare...but you'll get a
chance I hope to see what I'm up to...

the Zorn palette I'm playing with on this one, is
Anders Zorn...and is black, yellow ocre, red and

This started last night covering the board with
paint and medium, then a rag to wipe out the path
of the falls and water, some hint of rocks. Today
I painted some variation in values and stronger
highlights of water.

I'll post as this develops...

here is a closeup thus far...


Ryan Evans said...

This is gonna be good to see unfold. Interesting palette too


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Ryan...

The Zorn palette does yield some interesting possibilities..