Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jason in Ireland...second phase, starting color 12"x 24" oil

Some might wonder, okay...why go thru all the bother of
a monotonish Zorn palette painting, to then paint over?

Well...a photograph may work for reasons photographs are
recognized as fine photographs, but paintings work for
reasons paintings work, and paintings work because of an
environment the artist establishes that possesses color
harmonies, color rhythm or notation...and so forth.

The warmer undertone I knew would lay a foundation for
cooler color painted to strike color vibration or excite-
ment. Something Edgar Payne wrote and spoke often about
and insisted all good paintings must have.

Secondly...the undertone will come thru the painting,
even where hinted...and pull all the parts (background,
midground and foreground) together as one working co-hesive
whole. It serves to unify...

This painting is no where yet finished, but I got a big
jump on it today, and seemed to nearly paint itself with
over the underpainting.

Here is a closeup...

Hope to finish it soon...


Jason Seiler said...

This is looking cool Dad. I like the composition and the palette is really nice too! Man that was a great trip!

Larry said...

You're up early!!!

I was up around 4am this morning already myself.

Thanks...I'll enjoy the challenge to see if I can bring this to its potential proper finishing!!!

No doubt you have some memories that you'll reflect upon for a lifetime.

Barbsgarden said...

I am liking this painting.

Larry said...

thanks Barb...good to hear