Monday, October 13, 2008

My Son, Jason...with Ireland Backdrop... 12"x 24" oil

Decided it might be fun to mess around with some ideas
using a Zorn palette block-in...painted from first
colorizing then blurring the original image...

This will then be the underpainting, then my regular
limited palette of color to paint over the top. The
warmer undertone should work to create some nice
working harmonies when the painting is finished.

So this is a bit of an experiment, as I believe the
majority of my paintings the past few years have been.

Here is my reference image to start, (borrowed from
Jason's blog) -

Here is my Zorn palette laid out, mixed from my
limited palette colors. Zorn's palette was black,
red, yellow-ocre and white-

Here is my effort today, painted actually with little
breaks here and there...and a bit following my teaching


and here is the reference I will use for the finishing
paint work-

I wasn't majorly concerned at this stage for an exact
likeness...but basically the shapes, the values and color
that have formed a foundation for me to paint over.

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Jo Castillo said...

This is looking so fine! You have a great looking and talented son. :)