Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jason in Ireland...continued

Well...worked a bit more on the face, not happy yet
being still some adjustments needed to get the eyes
just right, eyebrows and such...

Interestingly, the copal medium I use is tacking up
a bit quick this batch. I'm needing to add more to
keep the paint workable thru the painting sessions. was cause for me to ponder that perhaps
Rembrandt must have used a resin medium that tacked
up quick, for the brushwork I'm finding is having
that drag appearance in building up I observed in
his works. Not saying I'm a Rembrandt by any means, could only wish!

Here is a closeup,and if you click on the image you'll
see more of what I'm saying...

I'm just concerned that by the time I get the adjustments
I want, I'll have quite a build up, but then that too
might suggest somethings about Rembrandt's paint surface
when seen up close. Only, he sealed each paint session
layer that dried with a medium something like copal and
no doubt painted into it.

I just don't want an overworked result that loses the
spontaneity I aim for in my work. We'll see how it goes!


Sylvia Jenstad said...

Wow... really cool painting... this is going to be great when it's finished... I also love 'McClure Basin'

Larry said...

Thanks Sylvia...very encouraging reading your comment..