Monday, October 06, 2008

Progress...10"x 20" Bull Falls w/Zorn Palette in oil

A bit more opportunity to work at this. Strikes me
strange after so much painting outdoors, to be paint
this one in studio almost at leisure. As a moment

Its been interesting thus far to be cognizant of a
gamut of possibilities, and choosing what to heighten
and what to keep more subdued...

Getting there...and, here too is a closeup..

Please note that the images are quite larger if you click
on them...and a chance to observe brushwork and more subtle


Jo Castillo said...

Larry, you know I am drawn to color first, but the intricacies in this and the design draw my eyes right in. Lovely.

Larry said...

thanks Jo...and now, it will be interesting to see what I lose, or what I gain to attempt my usual limited color palette in a second painting of this falls scene.

I believe having painted this monotone first will in all likelihood account for any successes...