Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Playing around with Fumee Falls...

Today, I took the 7"x 5" quick study of Fumee Falls
I did Sunday, and set up a 12"x 9" panel...with the
aim of pushing depth by varying values to a greater
degree from near to far, warmer colors near...grayed
or cooled down a bit going back, and also paying
particular attention to the edges...

...note in the 2nd & 3rd image edges
of rock contours in the distance have been made
more obscure by scumbling...using a paint knife.

I think it has something of a NC Wyeth look, though
that was not my intention. More an after thought.
What do you think?

Painting on location, doing a number of paintings
frees you up to experiment a bit instudio, as you
become something of an expert of this setting and
have some confidence in playing. I find such things
quite amusing...


marcobucci said...

Great stuff! And I particularly like the painting a few images down...with the trees in the sunlight. That one is really convincing.

Larry Seiler said...

much appreciated!!! thanks!