Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fumee Falls Quick

Here is a short video of the quick study plein air
painting I did while waiting for the sun to position
in the more favorable position, at which point I
then painted a larger 9"x 12"..

This is of the 7"x 5" oil posted earlier below from
last Sunday, start to finish. I am making it available
as a DVD for anyone interested, where resolution is
of course high quality geared for television. Watching
it again and again I'm sure will be beneficial, and I will
make it available at I think an attractive low price. It
preps the hour long 9"x 12" painting I'll be releasing
as an instructional, here is the lower
resolution YouTube version, and hope you'll enjoy.


Sally said...

Hi Larry,
So enjoyed watching your little quick study of the falls, thanks for posting it. interesting to notice how warm you made all the forground rocks, even though they did not appear that warm in the clip of the falls...serves it's purpose though in the painting. Good job.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Sally...
when I pick my focal point on location for a painting, I judge its emphasis looking at everything peripherally as compares to that focal point.

True, if one looks directly at then stares at some other point, one might detect warmth in those rocks as well. Such hard observation is instructive at the first, but its not so much about a recording of the facts as is making a painting. When I squint my eyes and look at the distant rocks...judge how the foreground rocks felt peripherally, it was much easier to tell how the work should be orchestrated to play the light the way I wanted.

appreciate your commenting...thanks...

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, this was fun. Thanks, Larry. So interesting to see how you work.

Nice study,


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Jo...
I think it helps for folks to watch another artist...