Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Three Painted on Memorial Day...Upper Michigan plein airs

Drove to Quinnesec, Michigan yesterday...and painted a quick
5"x 7" study of Fumee Falls while waiting for the sun to position
to a more ideal light...then did a larger 9"x 12"

this 5"x 7" now available on sale on my "Will Paint for Gas! blog

Then I drove to the Piers Gorge, a channel of rapids and
intimidating gorge rocks of the Menominee River that
separates Wisconsin from upper Michigan, that rafters
love to traverse, but I never made it quite to the gorge.
Found this spot to be lovely in its own right...and
another 9"x 12" oil...

available at Moondeer & Friends Gallery-
(Boulder Junction, WI)


rob ijbema said...

i like your sketchy work,very interesting,blog background looks great!

rob ijbema said...

sorry larry,please ignore my previous post i was commenting on two blogs at the same time,haha

the third painting does it for me,those foreground trees are outstanding,punt intended

Larry Seiler said...

hahaa...no problem, Rob...thanks!