Sunday, February 18, 2007

Time to Incubate...Consider What Next?

I've painted at quite a few falls in the past
and of course, if I do a series of large
paintings, I could return to some falls with
compositions in mind suitable to just that
intention. Here are some past plein airs, a
few instudio experiments as well...and some
that were previously posted in the blog, but
compiled and composited here for easier
looking over. Trying to imagine what might
look good quite large...

Guess what I'll need to think about is
if I want to stick more to a close up
cropped feeling of a falls, as a theme
...or include some feeling of the place
or atmosphere as one might experience.
Of tendency will be to think
about mood, and elect a palette unique
to the mood I no large in studio
piece is going to amount to a copy, but
I do use my plein airs as references as
any serious landscape painter would.


Tim Bye said...

Super! A really great body of work here Larry! I love the way the texture of the paint really shows through. Fab!

jesukiran said...

wow beautiful paintings,all are really great.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Tim...much appreciated...

thanks jesukiran... 8^)

Chuck Law said...

These look really fine all together Larry. I'm really drawn to the one third down on the left...the way it pulls you in already has the feeling of a very large painting. Congratulations on completeing the DVD. Heard through the wc grapevine you were really working hard on that project. Hope they sell like hotcakes for ya!

Sólo Adán said...

Muy lindos tus cuadros. Ojalá pudiera pintar yo así. Saludos!

Larry Seiler said...

¡Mucho apreció!!! ¡Agradece por comentar!!!