Thursday, February 15, 2007

40x50 oil Waterfalls Painting- Strong Falls- done!

To see this work larger-
(Click Here)

40"x 50" oil

Well...I've arrived at that time when an
artist should look behind him to see if his
partner has that large mallet raised.

See, it takes two persons to make a good, the artist to paint...and two,
someone to stand there with a mallet and
hit the artist over the head before he
ruins it.

Some do you know when you're
finished with the painting? ...and you rub
your head feeling no lumps, pinch yourself
and indeed you're still alive. "Gee...not
rightly sure!"

I'm itching already to do another...but now
I've got to resolve this cutting of my stretcher
frame issue. I need to invest in a left tilt
table saw to cut more 2"x 4"s lengthwise in
a cross diagonal. Makes a great strong
stretcher frame for large works.

I have a few larger Fredrix stretcher frames
but they'll need special bracing. Not too keen
on those.

Well...thanks to everyone that followed along
on this one.

Oh...and mentioned in responding to a comment
the other that one part of the painting had
bothered me...wasn't able at the time to quite
put my finger on it...but I know now, and
really it was quite simple.

This painting evolved with cools representing
more the light, though yes there are warm
areas...but yet on the cooler side. I had some
darks in the lower corner...but lost focus when
I rendered them on a cooler side.

If the light is warm, shadows should be cool...
(typically and in principle), and the opposite
is true..if the light is cool shadows should be
warm. So, after I warmed those darker areas up
a all fell together rather nicely.


Susan Borgas said...

Larry I am coming out of the closet to finely comment on your blog. I am truly gob smacked with this painting. The colours are magical and the movement awe inspiring. We are miles apart how we both paint but from one artist to another, your work is truly inspiring. Thanks for be so generous with your time and good luck with your DVD.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks for emerging, Susan...! 8^)

Nice to hear from you, and appreciate your comments...

Cheryl A. Pass said...

It's been really fun and amazing to watch this painting evolve. I can feel the splash and hear the water crashing. Great job. Thanks for sharing the process!

Tim Bye said...

Absolutely fantastic! Really great!

J Matt Miller said...

Gorgeous painting! Really amazing light.

Val Cox said...

Very impressive Larry, the! Val

Larry Seiler said...

thanks everyone for taking time to comment...

much appreciated!!!

I hope soon to be hard at work on my next larger piece..

Bart said...

I can only join the choir Larry, It's a wonderful painting, a strong voice!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Larry. It captures the feeling I get when I am mesmerized by rushing water. Love the placement of the light and am waiting to feel the water on my face at any moment.

Muffin said...

Mr. Seiler, - WOW! This is so beautiful! The feeling of the water is outstanding, - and i LOVE the warm touch in the coloring. :)

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Muffin, Robin and Bart... appreciated.

My younger son and his wife stopped by yesterday, and he was trying to imagine a 40"x 50" on a wall space in his home. Not sure such a size would...and then when he saw the piece said, "but I'm sure I could find space!"

hahaaa...that's affirmation right here! :)