Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First DVD Project- Painting a Waterfalls in Oils- COMPLETED!!!

For More Information or to purchase this DVD (Click Here)

I am plum tickled pink to announce
I have finally after many a sleepless
night finished with production on my
first dvd on painting. This an in-
studio demonstration using oils,
nearly 60 minutes in length.

Covering steps of undertoning, a
palette strategy popular with Edgar
Payne and his contemporaries, blocking
in, building up and imitating a flow of
water's current, spray...on and on.


Candy Barr said...

Congratulations Larry... completion is always a good thing. Should be a wonderful DVD as your paintings of water are terrific! Have you thought of a mini version for PR through YOUTUBE? GL

Larry Seiler said...

Hi Candy...thanks

A few posts below are a couple links to Part 1 and Part 2 of the painting to YouTube...not a lot of teaching, because such short time and limited bandwidth allow more entertainment than serious instruction.

After making my webpage and Paypal links...I'll go into YouTube and try to figure a way to add a note. Not to the video itself of course.

I was thinking I could paint another smaller waterfalls caught on film, do another YouTube video, to announce the release of this project. Chances are folks that once saw the existing two videos there wouldn't check back for info.

Bart said...

Congratulations Larry!
Must be great to look at the final result after all the work from the first thoughts to end-product.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Bart...quite a relief indeed... 8^)