Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oil Painting Upper Strong Falls...waterfalls landscape

This is the makings of a short video...
for plans to host online in short sections,
and a time lapse version for YouTube and

I first wrapped aluminum foil around some foam
core board, and propped it up with lights to bounce
light into the painting and palette area for hopefully
more idea lighting for filming. Learning bit by bit..

This then was the stopping point to end the first session
both for filming and painting. Set-up was to apply a
reddish undertone and use a split-complementary palette
of bluish-violet, orange and plus white.


Jason Seiler said...

That's very cool Dad! You're like an artist or something! :) This looks like another amazing painting to me!

Larry Seiler said... win, I'm tired of saying no. You've worn me out. Yes, you may go to detective school...

hahaa....thanks kiddo!!!!