Tuesday, October 24, 2006

NOT Mt Juneau Brown Bear

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5"x 7" oil

My son, Jason...and I on one of our
last days in Juneau, Alaska...took the
tram that traversed up the side of the
mountain overlooking the city below.

About 3,000-4,000' in elevation...and
walking up the path we met folks
coming down telling us they had seen
a bear just over the next peak's ridge.
It would have been a BLACK bear had
we seen it.
We were first surprised that SE Alaska
would have black bears, but as you
read on, they have quite a few.

Of course...with Admiralty Island about
seven miles away (the Fortress of Bears)
hosting about 3,000 brown bears, and
southeast Alaska alone residence to
about 16,000 black bears...this should
come as no surprise.

One of the joys of the pristine last great
wilderness is that you experience nature
in its wild state. Perhaps one of the very
worst things you could experience, is
nature in its wild state!!! hahahaa....

This is how you wish not to see the
Alaskan brown bear. Poor eyesight with
perhaps one of the best noses, standing
to make better sense of your presence
and what you are. Not a good time to
run...but very slowly back away. Pray
there are no nearby cubs...

I retitled this "NOT" (after a correction
from a resident)...because yes, it is
a brown bear, and yes it is Mt Juneau...
but apparently Juneau does not itself
have brown bears. Ahhh...but if Juneau


rob ijbema said...

excellent Larry!
love your loose wildlife paintings
time to run,that bear is sniffing me out!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Rob..much appreciated. The manner or style is emerging from time afield painting plein air.

take care

Muffin said...

just beautiful. :) I really like that you put so much black in the bear. I like his pose very much too.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Muffin...glad you like this one. Those dark mitts really stood out to me...added to his character...

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very nice work on this one !

Joshua said...

There are no brown bears in the Mount Juneau area, only black bears. I should know I live there, but nice painting.

Larry Seiler said...
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Larry Seiler said...

thanks Joshua...
was not aware Juneau would never have brown bears, thanks. We heard of bears everywhere...part of the lore, but you are right, my son and I only saw black bears in that area.

We did paint (not far from Juneau) at Eagle Beach where a number of the Juneau artists told me of several waterfowlers that were attacked by a brownie last year (I believe it was), at that very spot.

so...I sit corrected...
how lucky you are...what a lovely unique near transcendent place on this good earth to live. I imagine you must take great advantage of the area as an artist.

take care

Larry Seiler said...

ps Joshua...
I'll retitled the piece to "NOT"... 8^)