Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rubbing Territory

(this work at Moondeer & Friends Gallery)
5"x 7" oil

We are entering that time of year...
exciting if you love the ourdoors,
where bucks are going into their
pre-rut phase then followed by the
blown outright rut.

Beginning with ground scrapes, the
rubbing of bark off trees to caution
other traveling bucks they are
encroaching claimed territories. An
inch-two inch tree/sappling usually a
2-1/2 year old buck or so...but when
3-6 inch trees are shredded in this
card calling know a dandy
mature buck is in the area...!


Chuck Law said...

I love the light in this one Larry. So much effect with such minimum coverage...just the Buck, a little ground cover and the vertical trees. Hard to believe it's only 5x7. Yet another gem in this series of wildlife paintings.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks so much, Chuck...appreciated. Its fun trying to get somethin' outta little... 8^)

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in the buck's pelt and leaf litter, and the sense of depth you achieve with just a few strokes for those trees. Great work.

Larry Seiler said...

appreciated...thanks Jeane..

Michael Pieczonka said...

LArry... I like the bottom one of the deer... nice sense of light in it!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Michael!!!! :^)