Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rockies Bighorn...

To see this work larger (Click Here)

5"x 7" oil SOLD

Took about an hour end of day, but
here it is now finished. I think, for
myself anyway...for the better. Though
I caught enough sense of it in the
initial start...

This was the beginning of the bighorn
above...having finished my elk earlier
yesterday... and with left over paint...
my practice is to scrape it over
to one side and mix it well...the
result being a neutral, or perhaps a mud.
Often though...a lovely mud at that!

I like to use rather than waste this mud
to start or initiate the next painting,
and having just about fifteen minutes, I
made a few marks with the charcoal vine
stick...and quickly blocked in masses. The
background is totally fictitious.

The immediate look of the work as is in
so short an order of time, reminds me
of the wildlife art of Bob Kuhn...though,
was a master.


Robin N said...

Such wonderful work Larry. You capture these creatures with such beauty. I have been torn away from my work lately, but making note of many possibilities. I love your little studies.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks much Robin...some wonder where I'm going with such...but as studies I figure I haven't invested a lot of time or concern. Just having fun painting and let things go as they may.

Appreciate your comment...paint'cher heart out..

Judy Virostek said...

Hi Larry,
Glad someone is painting! My birthday was yesterday and had to watch the Steelers play, and lose. You said it right, just paint and have fun........angles of this painting that i, i have to gear up now and try to put the paint on canvas and have some of that fun too. Anxious to see your next study.

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Judy...oddly, ironically...I have come to a temporary standstill...
perhaps just going thru some I dunno...things the past couple days, and not as motivated. But, I just need to mix up some paint and get going. Will work on something yet today. Appreciate the comments...thanks for the shot in the arm.