Friday, September 29, 2006

Last Light Elk..

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5"x 7" oil

a reference...from a plein air, a photo, but
creating the entire mood, color, feeling of
time of day from imagination. A test more
or less with all the small scene experiments
I've been working on of late...and I feel as
though I'm confident now to represent
near any mood of nature I'd like.

That's a good feeling...

here's a closeup, which I thought shows the fun
I had laying in some effect of indirect light on
the elk's body. Fun to see how pure flecks of
color (viridians, blues, reds and yellows) can
mix in the eye from a bit of a distance from the
work. Important is not just that it mixes to
read right but causes as Edgar Payne and Emile
Gruppe often mentioned a "color vibration" that
makes for a good and interesting painting.


Jamie said...

Larry, this one and the one from yesterday are absolutely STUNNING!

Jan Blencowe said...

Larry, Oh my goodness this is a perfect fusion of your years of wildlife work and your plein air experience!!! I absolutely LOVE this and the Brownie below. I'm so excited to see this new genre of work from you!!


Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Jamie and Jan...

you know, I severed my past and refrained from any account of what reputation I had earned back when... since I especially had not been able to find a bridge to my love of wildlife and what things were working out with my plein air.

It nearly came as a shock or surprise for me when for some unknown reason I suddenly found an urge and impetus to paint these couple wildlife efforts, but... saw what strikes me as a marriage of style and subject.

I've long been aware of what Carl Rungius, Bob Kuhn proved capable of doing...but my years of hyper detail made it difficult to see my way thru. Perhaps it has been good that I pushed myself away from the table for over a decade, and with any luck something has been birthed thru my plein air experiences to express wildlife in a fresh painterly way.

I think I may well further explore this direction. Perhaps what I thought died in my past still has some burning embers. 8^)

Jan Blencowe said...

Larry your landscapes come alive with the addition of wildlife, I really mean that, it's like they've been waiting for them. I think this could well be another type of painting genre you would be very successful at in addition to your beautiful plein air work.

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Jan....
some'thin'll click one of these days for me.

Just keep pluggin' away. I've had fun with this of late, so I'll do more...and then some larger instudio canvases from them. Appreciate the affirmation...