Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Alaskan Brownie...

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5"x 7" oil

You want to see 'em, but then you don't! Such
beautfiful noble creatures, but one visiting
Alaska has this gnawing feeling that it is
necessary to keep one's eyes open at all times.

It seemed fairly safe really when I was in
Juneau, but it is important to listen to the
locals. Stay on the paths. Make some noise
so you don't startle or surprise a bear. I wanted to see them...closer, but
oh how glad I was that I did not.


René said...

(Very low voice)
"Hello human, what a nice painting your making, can i pose for it?"

I know the feeling, someone crawling up to you, when painting.
I once played i fright so hard that
i stroked the whole painting, ...
Funny that was. :-P

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Rene...
while painting with the Juneau artists in the workshop which brought me there...we would be surrounded by the most intense beauty, but it is really one of the last great wildernesses too, and you are mindful you must play by nature's rules.

One spot we painted the fall before, three duckhunters experienced a large brown bear charge their duck blind. Residents adapt and after awhile I found myself settling in that its nothing really to be too concerned about, but you do look over your shoulder every so often, or ahead of you on a path! hahaa...

mark anderson said...

On my recent camping trip to Lake Quinault on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, I did a 4 mile (each way) hike to a huge old-growth cedar. There was NO ONE on the trail, which was great... but when I got to the (spectacular) tree and was just putting down my backpack with paintbox and supplies, I saw a splotch of black moving through the trees some distance from me. My mood changed instantly! Basically I made a bunch of noise and got the hell out of there! I didn't get to paint the tree, and barely had a chance to grab a blurry ('cause my hands were shaking) photo of it. Oh well.

Like you said, you kind of want to see 'em, but kinda not!

Larry Seiler said...

Hey Mark...can't say as I blame you for taking that action, or being a bit rattled. Nature has its beauty...but also its fury.

Its been said the safest close distance for a brown bear might be 200 yards...and then at that, its best to back away.

take care...thanks for the story, much enjoyed!

Dean H. said...

Really like this painting, Larry. I'm familiar with your beautiful landscapes on WC in the Plein Air Forum. Though I knew you did a lot of animal art in the past, this is the first I've seen.

Best wishes, Dean

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Dean...appreciate your comments.

My past work was in keeping my reputation. It was tight, done with acrylics and aimed for photo realism.

Some would understand better than others, but after painting outdoors over a decade now, I can look back at my first 20 wildlife art years and see I was more an illustrator. I believe I am more a painter now...and in doing wildlife perhaps more and more in the future, I'd like to do so as a painter.

take care