Sunday, October 01, 2006

Goodman Plein Air Workshop Demo...

12"x 24" oil

This was my demo this Sunday afternoon...for a
workshop held in Goodman, WI...wonderful fall

A bit of touch up here and there instudio...hard to
finish a larger demo afield...but, pretty satisfied
over all.

The demo was using one of Edgar Payne's strategies
of a dark neutral, then mixing the colors seen, you
add a bit of the neutral and then white to adjust.
The neutral acts both as your darkest dark, but also
as the "pigment soup"...and leads to a more tonal
palette option.

Each color having a bit of the neutral or "soup"
then possesses a natural common pigment leading
to a working harmony. In fact, it is quite obvious
with the colors premixed on the palette just by
looking that the painting will possess a working
color harmony.

I'll later repost the finished piece after I touch up
a few things here and there.

with a bit of time left, about 25 minutes, I offered
to demo quickly a split-complementary palette
effort on a 5"x 7"...and chose bluish-green as my
dominant, and red and orange as my splits, plus
a quicky..


Katherine said...

Great fall colours Larry

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Katherine, much appreciated. Fall color is easy to overstate...and it seems best to understate and hold to some reserve for the power of the color to really be accentuated.

take care

Artist Toni Grote said...

Love this painting Larry, looks like a place I would like to go and be at peace.
Have a great day,

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Toni...
we have many many such places here in northern Wisconsin...

appreciate your looking, and I'll try and take you up on the wishes for the day! Same for you as well...


Muffin said...

Your work is stunningly beautiful, sir. I took the liberty to look at your gallery too, it is amazing. :)
I love the fact that you're outside painting it from real life, true artist spirit. :)

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Muffin...such moving words. Hard to respond...
I'll just say that being outdoors for most of my painting exposes me to an unspoiled nonmediated beauty, and some of that can't but help come thru one's work when done on location.

thanks for your taking time to comment..

ParisBreakfasts said...

These are BEAUTIFUL !

Larry Seiler said...

thanks much Paris...appreciated