Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Home from JUNEAU...

Arrived home this past Saturday...WOW,
what an experience in
enchanting this place is! The last
great wilderness.

I have about 20 paintings completed that
I have up online, with discussions on
the workshops as well as many pics of
Alaska, our time painting together and
so forth.

To see all that...scroll down the right
side of the blog here to the Links, and
you'll see the link to JUNEAU...enjoy!

Off to upper Michigan today for an art
show I have this weekend, and then a
week painting and relaxing the week


Pilan said...

Larry, so beautiful. the boat is a subject to me or difficult because of the values and colors are so closely related. A wonderful wonderful pair of paintings.


Larry Seiler said...

thanks Pilan...
there are many subtle grays and beauty in this Alaskan rain forest region. We saw the sun perhaps only on four days of our two weeks of painting.

The potential for paintings there is endless! I couldn't paint fast enough...

thanks for your kind comments!

Rose Bard said...

Larry good to stop by and check on you. Such lovely works on your blog. I got you now on my new blog list. So it will be easier to catch up.

I have being trying to get the corage to get outdoor and paint, but I havent found it yet. Maybe by next spring or summer, I do.

It really inspires me to do it when I see your work. Such a beauty. I love nature, and how it communicates with us.

amber said...

looks like you had a great time how lucky your pupils are to have such a talented teacher