Saturday, August 05, 2006

Home from Upper Michigan...

Arrived home from upper Michigan today, a
week of R&R following last weekend's art
exhibition. I pulled off several paintings,
two were reworks of Juneau ideas incorpora-
ting different color schemes/strategies...

8"x10" oil

8"x10" oil

Then...I painted a couple plein airs, one
from the dock of our cabin's shoreline
looking across to an island, backlit-
5"x 7" oil study-

...and this one late yesterday afternoon
at an overlook platform along the shores
of Lake Superior, just north of Marquette,
Michigan in Presque Isle Park...

9"x12" oil

...oh yeah...said I was doing a bit of
R&R...and, here's one walleye I caught
among many! Much fun...


Pilan said...

Hey Nice fish!! wish I had an r&r like this!! lucky lucky


Larry Seiler said...

Thanks was a nice way to begin to wrap up summer...which I don't like to hear myself saying, but sooner than one can say "back to school sales"...I'll be back in the classroom. So glad I teach art, which is a gas in itself..! 8^)

Pilan said...

Well, a year older and look what has happened in the last year. Lots a great changes. I am happy for you. Someday I wish to get out your way for a workshop/fishing trip. ;)

My ideal r&r would be a paint brush in one hand and a fishing pole in the next, of course in total control of both. :)

Larry Seiler said...

would be lovely to have ya here Pilan!!! It is a beautiful place northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan!!!

Change seems to come slow after many years...and I rejoice to see it when it becomes apparent! Thanks for commenting....!