Friday, July 21, 2006

Almost Home....!

A bit of bad weather cancelled one flight,
split my son Jason and I up, and has me
staying two nights over in Chicago for a
re-scheduled flight. Home soon though.

What a place Alaska is...just two days
ago I was salmon fishing with a new
friend made, a smaller craft on oceanic
channels and a pod of about eight hump-
back whales emerged blowing their air and
water spouts. Fortunately swimming the
same direction we were going! Just 40'
off our port side.

The whales were easily 2-3 times the
length of our boat. Talk about a unique
and intimidating experience for this
Midwest boy!!! How fun...!


amber said...

Wow how lucky I'd love to see a whale like that i've been looking at your work I like it very much
Tom Thompson is one of my favorite painters, and I find some of your work resembles his

Larry Seiler said...

Tom of the famous Canadian seven...

thanks much, Amber...that is a very kind and generous appraisal, to be compared with such!

yes...I consided myself to be very fortunate to be in the presence of the whales...50' in length and up to 50 tons. Amazing...

thanks again...