Thursday, July 06, 2006

Short quick note from Juneau!

No words can describe, no photographs do their
justice. This place is enchanted, amazing, and
nothing of my 51 years experience of travels
and living has prepared me for this. I am very
thankful and feeling much blessed that I am
equipped aesthetically as an artist to take it
in, sense and experience it more deeply, and
try to respond in paint.

Last night surrounded by dozens of eagles while
painting, screaming out...taking their chances
to snatch leaping salmon from creeks. Mountains
in view, some snow capped...a glacier in view.

Off to paint more...


Val Cox said...
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Val Cox said...

Larry, I can't wait to see these new paintings, it sounds like such a great place for you to be. Enjoy it! Val

Pilan said...

WOW!! I wish I were there!! Great paintings, ALWAYS!!