Friday, March 17, 2006

Experiment Continues with the Mill Pond

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oil 9"x 12"

You can see by my head gear, this afternoon
though sunny was yet quite a chilly day to be
about painting. Bundle up to endure and
you find great opportunities to produce some
interesting paintings in Wisconsin's north

This painting represents an ongoing
experiment whereas I began by counting
my brushstrokes. After 110 strokes were
counted, I had achieved enough of an
aesthetically pleasing structure that I
abandoned the count to finish with full
focus on the subject, bringing my focal
points to greater finishing. Hope you


Val Cox said...

Wow, beautiful Larry! Thank you for the details of the what, why and how--fascinating! I feel like I was there. Val

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Val...glad you like, attempting to break some new ground for myself...well, like usual I suppose! hahaaaa...

Using a looser more aesthetic lead in for the eye, hoping to hold the eye's attention once its led in! 8^)

Robin N said...

I do enjoy your quick studies. I have just begun plein air, and to this point only have studied light keys and color notes. As a design student, a realist, it is hard to come back to square one again. Yet studying those that do it well, is part of my process. Thank you for your blog. It is a weekly field trip. I must say I am a wimp in outdoors when it gets in the 50's here in CA. I admire your thick skin.

Larry Seiler said...

Many accomplished painters having built a career and reputation have experienced finally taking it outdoors and feeling from the experience a humiliation at nature's though they knew nothing about painting at all.

It is one way though even after so many years of proven accomplishment to see a sudden exponential growth in the ability to see anew and one's work improve.

Thanks, you've got to get out there and make a habit of it!