Sunday, March 19, 2006

Great View Road

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9"x 12" oil

Found this delightful farm scene after
church this morning, and had to set up
and accomodate the moment!


william wray said...

Larry this is one of my favorites of yours. I like the variations in the composition. I like the fact you stripping things down a bit more to simpler bigger shapes, pulling the camera back and not obsessing with details. A sign of solid maturity as a painter in my opinion. Well done.

Larry Seiler said...

There are a lot of good painters out there that example saying more with less...and you are one of them. Thanks for your comments here, much appreciated.

Stripping a painting down comes when much of your need to prove yourself capable of unquestionable realism is stripped down as well.

When the artist gets that out of his/her system, then comes the challenge and joy of becoming a painter.

I've been working on it a good many years...and things got in the way of such stripping like reputation. I'm having fun now...that is for sure! Thanks again...