Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Experiment Continues...Basswood Carving

oil 6"x 6"

My aim today was to focus entirely on the
challenge of the brushstroke. To paint a
representation of a duck's head I carved
some years ago but never finished, still in
the plain basswood stage.

By challenge of the brushstroke, I mean
I counted each brushstroke paying greater
attention to what each stroke might
contribute...trying to accomplish the most
with the least. many? One-hundred and forty-
five strokes.

My secondary aim was to work up an
uncomplicated, aesthetically supportive
and pleasing background.


Bart W said...

Hi Larry! Interesting experiments.

Does that mean that you reason carefully before making the brush stroke? Say consider it in 30 sec and then paint a stroke, consider again and ad 1 stroke?

Larry Seiler said...

Thanks Bart...hahaa...well, suffice it to say I'm counting the brushstrokes, but my concern will be to get each stroke right, the amount of loaded paint on the brush adequate, the color and value proper and true.

Saying that I'm not going to go faster than what I can reasonable do that might otherwise sacrifice quality. Counting strokes, not seconds if-you-will.

Outdoors this will translate to another experiment for the existing light of the moment WILL dictate time.

My intent I think when I experiment outdoors will be to count my strokes up to an end of a certain "stage"...then from there my focus will be to forget counting to paint my focal point as well as I can. It should be obvious in this approach what my emphasis in painting a location is and all other visual voices thus are to be supporting cast to the drama at hand.

thanks for your comment and question!