Monday, June 15, 2015

"Like To Tell Me" ...self written, performed, produced music video

I wrote this song, wrestled with words, the music, then recording and videography over two days.  Another side of my artistic nature.  It is a result of observing and experiencing the hostility of a good many on social media, how they do not believe in an ultimate higher law, no Moral objective truth (truth that exists outside of ourselves) or reality, yet wrong them as they perceive, and they will howl!

I have often said to students of mine, deeply hurt by the actions of someone else that it is not what happens to us that matters, but what happens "IN" us!  That is the final vestibule, that one anvil many hammers can wear themselves out, for it is the last decision belonging to ourselves. and myself, have the final determination how and what someone has said or done will affect my heart/soul/mind.  What happens to me does not have to determine what happens "in" me.  Instead, I can allow it to run off like water off a duck's back...and let character build.  I can forgive...and be cleasned, and strengthened.

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