Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting Ready to Leave for ten days of painting...

Cedarburg Plein Air Festival

Quite the annual event, and unless I am doing a workshop such as Alaska last year same time, I try to be there.  Great to catch up with painting friends, the events, the competition, and very well run...

Leaving this Wednesday...and runs nearly til the end of the month!

A number of years ago, I stood in  Cedar Creek painting... which to my northwoods sensibilities made all the sense in the world.  The better view was "out there" unrestricted by the shore.  Was surprised to see many on the shores taking pictures of me, and began to believe I must be a strange lot to draw such curiosity.  However, many areas that open up here in the northwoods, do so from the standpoint of water.

Hey...the tripod easel supporting my pochade box is aluminum, an apron to set a heavy rock to sturdy against the current, and on a warm day offers some respite from the heat.  Don't call me crazy, momma didn't raise no fool!  haha

Here is one that I painted there...

10"x 20" oil on home made pumice panel

I have agreed this year to a television interview, wanting to reenact my painting in the river. then, that must mean I'm nuts!!!  That much hoopla over this antic.  People have never seen such...hahaha

I understand they want to follow me out into the river...but I reminded them there are submerged rocks, and current! Good luck on that!  8^)

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