Monday, June 15, 2015

Entered my two pieces in the AIS show

These are the two pieces I entered in the American Impressionist Society national exhibition this year, both oils...
the first 12"x 24" oil on a homemade pumice panel.  The scene is an area about fifteen minutes from home.

Tried to paint this one on location, but it was the first really warmer nicer days of the Spring we didn't get here in northern Wisconsin.  The gnats and the sand flies were out in hoardes looking for victims.  I struggled getting out of my truck just to take reference photos.  When I returned home, the first thing I did was immediately order a nice full head cover mosquito netting!

The water is a tributary creek coming off the Peshtigo River, and its volume beyond its creek bed due to winter run off. Quite a few neutrals as green was just beginning to emerge among matted down grasses, and trees yet to bud and sprout leaves...

my second piece is also near home, where I jog...and here I set up to paint.  The day warm...sunny, signs of Spring once more only beginning to emerge.  Size 14"x 11"...on linen

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