Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Mudhead exercises...

These were quick "mudead" portraits I did last night, for ideo, to help engage the learning curve I will have on my new iMac and Final Cut Pro video editing software.  My old 2007 equipment has been retired.  Took the time, because I anticipating following my knee surgery this morning that I would have something to do convalescing over the next how many days.

The paint is laid out with a mid, dark and light value of flesh tones, then separate piles of pigment for darks like coats, color/values for background negative space, etc;

I used one #8 Rosemary Ivory flat brush, to paint all three studies, and paper towel to wipe, pulling the brush thru.  Done properly, painting with the paint of the brush and taking 3-4 strokes then going back for more pigment, I avoid mud or interference from other color dirtying the brush.


I hold no concern for the what of what is painted, such as this is a nose, this is hair...the face etc., nor concern to attain a dead on likeness.  My only thought is to focus and draw from that artistic language the artist learns such as shape, color, value, line, texture, on and on.


The exercise helps foster that alla prima axiom, "a brushstroke laid is a brushstroke stayed."
This exercise serves several benefits...allowing to explore and play with color strategies (RYB colorwheel triadic, complementary, split-complementary, values driven neutral mud, pigment soup etc), develop confident brushwrok in an Ala Prima style, and establish a working routine wet into wet manner of painting.  The practice of practicing, helps develop a feel for color and value shapes to establish the painting regimen.  Fifteen minutes on average, this requires and makes no lare demands to affect and detract from your painting routine.  As an exercise it will explore new approaches, alternative ways of seeing, and add to confidence.  Each painting is about 6"x 4" (verticals) and the horizontal is about 6"x 12"...

I am working to create a four week online alla prima portrait painting course for Artist Network University...(F&W Publications)...and hopefully will be available for its first run within 1-2 months...

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