Friday, November 21, 2014

Busy Busy...Retirement has been Hectic...(In a Good way!)

I have long awaited the time I could work to greater degree on personal projects like producing more videos instructions, write another book on painting, teach more workshops in travels, enter more shows...on and on.  And now several months after retiring from the physical classroom, I don't know how I had time to commit to a school district and the classroom.  Whew!

So...let me catch you up on latest things.  I have now started offering materials as downloads, ebooks...and video.  My last post for example, my 307 page book on Landscape Painting...for a really decent price I think too.  

This week, I have been filming for digital video the breaking down of a plein air in studio, in steps...demonstrating processes...thinking out loud.  Block in of a tonal color, and wiping out...then painting in representative areas of depth planes and anchoring the darks;  Two sessions now done, spent yesterday and today rendering edits, and tonight should have at least one session available on Gumroad.  I'll provide link in posts to come.

Two more sessions will investigate refinements, finishings and obsessions with breaking up form, edges and so forth.

(Session 2)-

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