Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Webinar Session Outline- Composition for the Painter

October 4th, 7pm EST  Go To is the registration link-

Composition for the Painter-  Larry Seiler

            The modern enculturated eye routinely comes to a determination when to tune in, when to tune out.  The challenge of the artist to consider the accumulated available knowledge we have of visual communication in a commercial/aesthetic modern age, and make use of that to advance interest in their own work.  Avoid shooting ourselves (metaphorically) in the foot!

I.                  Seven Art Principles
a)          Balance
b)          Contrast
c)           Gradation
d)          Harmony
e)          Variation
f)            Dominance
g)          Unity

II.                Symmetry & Asymmetry Visual Balance   
a)           Positive & negative elements
b)           Over-busyness (implement 2/3’s rule)
c)            Organizing parts to favor asymmetry

III.            Traditional Classic Composing TYPES
a)          Circle ordering
b)          S’ ordering
c)           Fulcrum (asymmetrical)

IV.              Focal Points (Rule of Thirds) to Direct Eye
a)          Establish point of interest
b)          Manipulate elements/narrative to support

     V.     Questions/Answers

Scroll down to the 12th of September posting, to see the list of session lessons thru November 1st...  8^)

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