Thursday, July 21, 2011

Croal Hollow Creek...4"x 6" gouache Accepted into American Impressionist Society show!

4"x 6" on Strathmore black 400 series

Was excited to learn a small piece in gouache that I painted, has been accepted into the national American Impressionist Society show out of about 1400 submissions. 

Having painted in acrylics for near forty years, oils primarily the past 16-17 was something of a pleasant surprise.

Visiting my brother in New York a couple years ago, fighting cancer then passing away, my artist/son Jason and I stayed with New York artist Fred Harper...and I had the pleasure watching Fred working on covers for various magazines and commissions using gouache.  I was intrigued, and Fred was kind enough to send me home with some tubes of Holbein pigments.  So...thanks for turning my attention to gouache, Fred!

I've painted with watercolor too over past years, but these never really impressed me as being "watercolors" per se, that is...used transparently with washes of color.  For my good, gouache is creamy...and had an immediacy to them that fit my alla prima manner of work, that is to say..." a brushwork laid, is a brushwork stayed!"  ...and consequently I've heard my manner of using them is unique.  As I say...I wouldn't really know...but, I enjoy the immediacy of the paint.


Tim Jones said...

Congratulations, very well deserved.
It always amazes me how you get so little apparent detail to look so right. I guess that's why it was accepted.

Larry Seiler said...
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Larry Seiler said...

thanks Tim...that's a constant never ending push for me, getting more (the illusion of more) with the less...or better I say, that which is at the very least "essential"...