Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Met some IPAP signature members for first time...

One distinct honor at the Door County Plein Air event, was meeting other IPAP (International Plein Air Painters) signature members for the first time...I myself a signature member as well...

l to r. Lori Putnam, Linda Richichi, J.R. Baldini (founder IPAP), myself, John Stuart Pryce,

and, two artists I respect and enjoy being around are (l. to r.) James Hempel (Wisconsin) and James Richards (Georgia)...(trying to talk James Richards into comin' up and bow hunt sometime!

James Hempel won a birth into next year's featured artists by virtue of winning the quick paint event popular vote with this piece, "By Prop Or By Sail"

Here is my attempt...11"x 14" on board...the "Hapuna Maru II" ...and while painting, it rained and rained.  Had a half-dozen clamps holding my larger umbrella to my El Greco Trident half-box easel...keeping rain off the painting at least.  Folks seemed to like it braving the elements and walking out to the end of the pier...but no cigars on popular vote later at the Peninsula Art School grounds.  Ah well...there's always next time!

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